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Australian Fairy Bread


We built Field Sauce Kidz because of our passion for working with child and youth brands. 

We love how young people are the very best of storytellers, have the most creative imaginations and are happy to share ideas without feeling constricted by concerns of feasibility (those are often the best ideas).

Teens are now more than ever leading in the culture of fashion, they are our current and future sports, music, art and business superstars - we could go on and on.

We know how important it is to understand and have the opportunity to immerse your team in that world and we love helping Research Agencies and Brands to really achieve this. 



Truly Global

We have already worked in over 44 countries. Our HQ is in the UK but we work across all time zones and languages. We are here to help you discover more of the world with our senior level local bilingual moderators, translation services and local recruitment partnerships.  

Always Custom

We provide custom recruitment for every study - both amongst our brilliant panel and by recruiting fresh participants to meet all of our clients project criteria needs. 

We are that missing 
puzzle piece

Our clients are a mix of Research Agencies and Brands large and small. 

Whether you require participant recruitment only or prefer to work with a partner on everything from project design to analysis - we made Field Sauce Kidz for you.   

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